29 April, 2019

Mtriage is a command line tool to scrape and analyse public domain data. It can operate across various platforms (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook) to find and download media, and then analyse that media in a range of ways, including optical character recognition, the processing of videos into frame-by-frame images, and machine learning computer vision.

Mtriage is a framework to orchestrate a workflow that is often useful for investigations at Forensic Architecture. Algorithmic media analysis can often tell us something about what the media contains, and thus which media is relevant to an investigation at hand. We use mtriage to analyse images using computer vision classifiers, audio for distinctive noises like a gunshot, and reading metadata of online content.

The framework is composed of two kinds custom-built, modular components:

  • selectors, which search for and download media from various platforms..
  • analysers, which derive data from media that has been retrieved from a selector.

Mtriage is in active development alongside investigations at Forensic Architecture, and we incorporate new selectors and analysers as we develop them. For more detail and instructions on how to use mtriage in your own research, visit the Github page. We welcome community pull requests and new contributors.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, please join our public Discord server.