1 November, 2018

TimeMap is a standalone frontend application that visualises events in time and space from a bird's eye or satellite perspective. It was developed by generalising a platform we built for the Ayotzinapa Case, which was an investigation into the attacks on students from the Rural Normal School of Ayotzinapa by local police in collusion with criminal organisations. Since that case, we have used TimeMap internally in another case to incrementally visualise the state of our research for that investigation. In other words, TimeMap provides us with an interactive snapshot of the state our research in any given investigation.

While using it internally, we realised that TimeMap may be useful for other human rights researchers, and are therefore open sourcing the platform and our development on it. It is worth noting that TimeMap is very conceptually similar to pattrn, an open source platform that we released in 2014. While this platform served us well in its time, it has not been actively developed in recent years. TimeMap is a lighter, more flexible, frontend-only, and generally updated application for pattrn's concept.

TimeMap does not yet support all of the features present in the Ayotzinapa platform. It uses mapbox satellite imagery as a backdrop by default, and supports the basic elements necessary for plotting events in time and space. TimeMap is in active development, and we intend that many of the Ayotzinapa platform's features will be generalised and added in the near future. It is not yet a mature project, and should be used with caution in production contexts.

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